Data and Documentation

The vizHOME project used a 3D scanner to create virtual recreations of 20 homes, and used these virtual homes to study personal health information management in the home. This site provides access to the 20 virtual homes to support further investigation by others.

If you'd like to explore the homes in your browser, video walkthroughs are available here.

If you'd like to download the homes to load into other applications, or to otherwise process the data yourself, we offer data in several formats:

Full Pointcloud
A full home as a pointcloud, storing position and color information in a .xyz file. More information on how to use these files can be found here.
Simplified Pointcloud
The data from the Full Pointcloud, but sampled such that points appear roughly every 1cm. This greatly reduces the size of the download and the load on the machine used to visualize it, but also reduces detail in the scene.
Segmentation Data
A text file that describes the locations of objects and rooms inside of the home environment. More information on how to use these files can be found here.
Individual Scans
The raw data from the individual scans used to build the full home model, before registration and some cleanup. Note that both formats have some information deliberately removed for deidentification.
Panoramic images of the interior of the homes generated by the scanner during the scanning process. These are the RGB portion of the individual scans, and are the smallest download that allows manual exploration of the homes.
Video Walkthrough
Video using a version of our in-house pointcloud visualizer to show the home's interior. These videos are also viewable directly from this site, after selecting a home from here.