Jagdish Ramakrishnan

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Rm 4241
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53715 USA

jramakrishn2 [ at ] wisc [ dot ] edu
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I will start as a data scientist on the smart pricing team at Walmart Labs beginning September.

Brief Biography

Welcome! I am a research associate in the optimization group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), University of Wisconsin-Madison. My primary research area is operations research; I typically use mathematical modeling, optimization, statistical/data analysis, and machine learning approaches to make better decisions for real-world problems. I enjoy working on various kinds of applications, including problems in medical decision making (e.g., radiation therapy cancer treatment), agricultural management, and energy management (e.g., stochastic unit commitment). On the methodological side, I am interested in developing algorithms/methods for large-scale stochastic dynamic optimization problems (multi-stage sequential decision-making problems with uncertainties).

I received my Ph.D. degree (June 2013) at MIT, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), and was affiliated with the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS). My advisors were Prof. John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT), Prof. David Craft (MGH), and Prof. Thomas Bortfeld (MGH). I previously received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from Georgia Tech.

Journal Articles

  1. T. Bortfeld, J. Ramakrishnan, J. N. Tsitsiklis, and J. Unkelbach, "Optimization of radiation therapy fractionation schedules in the presence of tumor repopulation," accepted May 2015, INFORMS Journal on Computing.

  2. J. Unkelbach, D. Craft, T. Hong, D. Papp, J. Ramakrishnan, E. Salari, J. Wolfgang, and T. Bortfeld, "Exploiting tumor shrinkage through temporal optimization of radiotherapy," Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 59, 2014, pp. 3059-3079, doi.

  3. J. Unkelbach, D. Craft, E. Salari, J. Ramakrishnan, and T. Bortfeld, "The dependence of optimal fractionation schemes on the spatial dose distribution," Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 58, 2013, pp. 159-167, doi.
    News article featured on medicalphysicsweb (link)

  4. J. Ramakrishnan, D. Craft, T. Bortfeld, and J. N. Tsitsiklis, "A dynamic programming approach to adaptive fractionation," Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 57, 2012, pp. 1203-1216, doi.

Submitted Papers / Other Reports

  1. S. Dirkse, M. C. Ferris, and J. Ramakrishnan, "GDXMRW: Interfacing GAMS and MATLAB,", [see also wisc link], documentation part of GAMS 24.3, Aug 2014.

  2. J. Ramakrishnan and M. C. Ferris, "SOCP Radiotherapy Benchmark Test Case in CBLIB," documentation of test case in cblib, the conic benchmark library, Oct 2014. Poster reference here.

Ph.D. Thesis


List of Co-Authors

Thomas Bortfeld (MGH), David Craft (MGH), Steven Dirkse (GAMS), Michael C. Ferris (UW-Madison), Ted Hong, MD (MGH), Kevin Leder (UMN), Dávid Papp (MGH), Ehsan Salari (Wichita), John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT), Jan Unkelbach (MGH), John Wolfgang (MGH)

Teaching Experience

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