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Email : clement.royer(at)
Clément Royer
Université Paris-Dauphine
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75016 Paris
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Clément W. Royer

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Dauphine (2019-)

I joined the MIDO department at Université Paris-Dauphine in September 2019. I am currently involved in the following courses.

L3 IM2D (Bachelor level)
Fundamentals of Machine Learning
     New course introducing simple data analysis techniques (linear regression, principal component analysis).
     Slides with exercises (in French).

M2 IASD (Master level)
Optimization for Machine Learning
     New course covering various optimization algorithms of interest in learning.

ENSEEIHT (2013-2016)

From 2013 to 2016, I was a teaching assistant in the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department (IMA in French) at INP-ENSEEIHT.

INP-ENSEEIHT, 1st year IMA (Bachelor level)
Hilbertian Analysis
Analysis Tutorials (2015-2016)
Differential Calculus (2013-2015)

INP-ENSEEIHT, 2nd year IMA (Master level)
Krylov Space methods
PDE Discretization techniques
Concurrent Systems
Numerical Optimization

A detailed description of my teaching activities is available in my vitae.

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